MRAccess Inc. (“MRA”) was formed by leading magnetic resonance researchers, radiologists, and data scientists from Columbia, Yale, Harvard, and Google— along with accomplished business leaders— to develop and bring to market an integrated system that will make clinical full-body MRI affordable and supportable anywhere in the world.

When compared with Conventional MRIs, The MRA System.....








The MRA System

Clinical Full Body MRA Scanner

Made smaller with new type of superconducting magnet

Cloud Based Integration

Enabling autonomous operation and remote servicing of MRA Scanners deployed in markets without onsite radiologists

Remote Radiologists, assisted by AI Diagnostic Applications

Can detect maladies with 98% accuracy

Patented hardware and software technologies developed at
Columbia University


Provide Personal Healthcare That Focuses On Early Detection and Intervention

Deep tech global solution to MRI accessibility, affordability and the global shortage of radiologists needed for the interpretation and diagnoses of illness and injury

Breaking Geographic

Making MRI Diagnosis Available Across The Globe
The MRA Scanners fit into 20 ft shipping container that can be mass-manufactured on a factory floor and shipped, sited and operated anywhere in the world with very low cost local support, expertise or maintenance requirements

MRI Anywhere

Cloud Based Instrumentation And Analytics
MR Access Inc. uses patented technologies developed at Columbia University and re-engineers methods for MR image creation and reconstruction, re-inventing the process for image interpretation and delivery of radiology services

Data Collection for AI Learning

The MRA system is engineered to produce standardized and harmonized scan data to facilitate a machine learning environment for perpetual evolution of diagnostic analysis.

Revolutionizing healthcare
on a global scale

Conventional MRI
A 3 room suite of equipment,
scanning & Control Room
that requires 139.4 m2 (1500 Sqft.)
MRA System
A complete self-contained imaging suite
that fits easily in a 20ft ocean container and
requires minimum setup area of 6 m2 (68 Sqft.)

MRA scanners can be transported by ship, rail, plane or truck and installed with minimal site preparation or engineering. This translates into low cost screening for early detection of disease which is 94% lower than the US average

Imaging Modality Safe High Resolution
Clinical Images
MRA System Low
Conventional MRI High
CT Scan Medium High
X Ray Low
Ultrasound Low